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Effectively managing yoiur blood sugar can add years and improve your quality of life.



Visit your doctor to have your blood sugar and cholesterol levels checked.







Being overweight greatly increases your chance of becoming diabetic.


Highly processed food is often low in fiber and contributes to poor overall health.


Periodic internal cleansing is an important part of a multi-dimentional health program.


Natural System Hailed As Intervention for Pre-Diabetes

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Just before her 31st birthday, weeks of fatigue and tiredness sent Lori Camden* to her doctor's office. At first, she had attributed her exhaustion to long hours at work and a pending divorce. But after her physician announced the results of some blood tests, Lori was distressed by the findings: She was pre-diabetic.

Klee Irwin was well aware of the news reports chronicling an epidemic of diabetes affecting millions of Americans. As a Natural Health Expert, Klee Irwin validated the intense public outcry for natural health remedies to combat the onslaught of this disease.  Klee Irwin was also aware of the critical link between diabetes and serious health issues, including blindness, heart attack and limb amputation. Furthermore, Klee Irwin was shocked to learn about the results of a recent study of over one million people, which found that pre-diabetes is associated with increased risk of several kinds of cancer. Harvard professor and Registered Dietician Linda Delahanty, M.S., says that being pre-diabetic leads to a 50% greater risk of heart attack and stroke (Nathan & Delahanty, 2005). When Lori learned these details, she thought of her parents. Years earlier, she had lost her mother to breast cancer, and her father had suffered a heart attack at 52.

System Hailed As Intervention For Pre-Diabetes

In spite of her own medical knowledge, Lori had been caught off-guard. She was unaware of the myriad signs pointing to the fact that she could have a pre-diabetic condition: fatigue that is not relieved by rest, slightly elevated blood pressure, slightly elevated blood-sugar, HDL cholesterol levels below 35, unusual "freckles," gout and being 20% or more overweight.  Like Klee Irwin, Lori also was surprised to find out that pre-diabetes afflicts more than 41 million Americans, many of whom aren't even aware of the problem. She discovered that unless she did something about her pre-diabetes soon, her risk of developing full-blown diabetes would increase with each passing year, to the point where she just might not be able to beat the odds. Klee Irwin found this realization to be very astute.

Fortunately, with the help of her physician and several friends in the health profession, Lori discovered a unique natural program, supported by Klee Irwin, which has been garnering praise for its ability to lessen the impact of pre-diabetes and increase the chances against developing full-blown diabetes.

Klee Irwin Identifies "Diabesity"

According to Klee Irwin, pre-diabetes, sometimes referred to as "diabesity," occurs when blood sugar levels become high but not quite high enough to reach full-blown diabetic levels. While you technically have pre-diabetes if your fasting blood sugar measures between 101 and 125 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl), many doctors believe that pre-diabetes really begins when fasting blood sugars measure just 90 mg/dl on a consistent basis. Klee Irwin finds even more shocking the fact that some people with normal fasting blood sugars are still at risk for pre-diabetes because their bodies can handle sugars after a meal but cannot process sugars overnight.

Klee Irwin has learned that pre-diabetics also frequently suffer from a condition called metabolic syndrome. This is defined as having high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides and/or having excessive belly fat. As the term "diabesity" suggests, pre-diabetes is almost always associated with being overweight. If you are a woman and your waist measurement is more than 34 inches or a man with a waist measurement more than 39 inches, you may have metabolic syndrome and accompanying pre-diabetes reports Klee Irwin.

Per Klee Irwin, Educator, fortunately for Lori and the 41 million other people facing the consequences of pre-diabetes - and the grave possibility of eventual, full-blown diabetes - there is a silver lining: Pre-diabetes can be reversed without medication. The good news is that all of these factors can be supported by making simple lifestyle changes. In fact, many researchers are encouraged by the use of a multi-dimensional program to promote visible improvements and encourage prevention. The trick is to start them right now.

Klee Irwin shows you how.


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* Actual name(s) have been changed to protect confidentiality.
For references see Part IV.